MRA for Macro BS, Small Cell & Cloud-RAN

5G Transmitter

i5 MRA technology empowers the base stations and access points to create true elevation tilting and 3D beam steering. Element-level pattern combinations can be collectively shared with multiple-input multiple-output transmission technologies to create beams whose beam-width and beam-directions can be dynamically tuned. Combined with state-of-the-art antenna control algorithms, the MRA systems gives you the ultimate cell-zooming, cell-breathing, and cell-reshaping capabilities in a dynamic manner with latencies as small as the underlying PHY layer permits. i5's innovative MRA architecture allows an unprecedented rich set of approaches for the dynamic control of your cell topology.

MRA for Wi-Fi/Wi-Gig and mmWave

wifiwigigi5 MRA design is highly flexible. Even with a single element, you can create 3D directive radiation both in elevation and azimuthal plane. For Wi-Gig, MRA arrays provide ultimate beam scanning and beam-steering experience. The monolithically integrated and multi-layered advanced manufacturing techniques specifically developed for the mm-wave band i5 MRA systems can achieve high-gain and high directivity radiation patterns and boost your mmWave technology performances, such as Wi-Gig (60 GHz) throughput and coverage performance. The multi-user MIMO transmission with MRA systems will not only push your throughput up but will also increase the transmission reliability and excel your overall network performance.

MRA for Handheld


i5 MRA technology is an effective antenna solution for smart phones as well. The interference variations in the network combined with multipath propagation effects may lead to complicated harsh environments for your mobile. MRA's element level pattern diversity can easily combat with these adverse effects. By changing the directivity and polarization modes, your mobile phone will always find a better setting for your antenna to continuously and ubiquitously communicating with its access stations.



What has i5 invented? i5 has invented an MRA technology of which working principle was inspired from that of chameleon. A parasitic surface of which geometry can dynamically be changed which is place din the near field of a driven antenna, enables changing antenna properties (frequency, polarization, radiation pattern) in response to the changes in the wireless channel. Click here for more details.