i5 MRA technology can significantly increase the coverage and capacity of today's mobile networks

i5 MRA technology flips the traditional wireless network's power structure upside down – shifting network intelligence to the edge of the network – empowering the antenna to always use the fastest and most reliable path within the dynamically changing wireless network. i5 MRA technology not only benefits the end user but it dramatically expands network capacity for wireless carriers without the need for expensive additional infrastructure. Moreover, i5 MRA technology works within all existing network types, allowing carriers to significantly enhance the value of their current wireless infrastructure investments.

i5 MRA technology provides dynamically changing antenna properties to adapt the winning parameters within the polluted wireless channels. Our revolutionary technology empowers the antenna to dynamically modifying frequency, radiation pattern, and polarization parameters, thereby transmitting the signal to the desired wireless clients, and eliminate legacy issues (interference & poor signal coverage) of wireless networks.

i5 MRA smart control software continuously seeks to improve customers' connectivity and throughput speeds by monitoring the network environment and intelligently selecting the fastest path – by either changing the radiation pattern, eliminating the interference, changing the polarization, or a cumulative chnage of all the dynamic parameters. This allows each device to connect to the heart of coverage area, giving your customers the strongest connection available and minimizing cell edge interference.




What has i5 invented? i5 has invented an MRA technology of which working principle was inspired from that of chameleon. A parasitic surface of which geometry can dynamically be changed which is place din the near field of a driven antenna, enables changing antenna properties (frequency, polarization, radiation pattern) in response to the changes in the wireless channel. Click here for more details.