i5 Technologies Inc., is searching for a senior RF microwave/mm-wave design engineer to join its growing 5G NR antenna business. You will be the RF team leader who will work on the RF design aspects of Antenna Array in Package (AiP) modules from antenna array elements to baseband modem. You will work side by side with the Antenna/EM team of engineers. 

About i5 Technologies Inc. (i5):

i5 is an early stage start-up developing a new class of ground-breaking intelligent antenna array modules for use in 5G NR cellular, autonomous cars and satellite communication applications to name a few. i5’s goal is to become a leader in the design and production of intelligent antennas for mobile wireless communications. i5 is a place to innovate and shape the future of wireless communications.

Essential Duties & Job Responsibilities:

  • Design, analyze, develop, test and evaluate mm-wave (24 – 40 GHz) intelligent Antenna array in Package (AiP) modules that are monolithically built in a multilayer printed circuit boards.
  • 5G RF front-end architecture design and analysis using simulation tools such as ANSYS HFSS and Keysight ADS tools.
  • Design, implementation and optimization of the RF circuit aspects of the AiP module which include Up/Down Converters, PAs/LNAs, synthesizers, and interconnections from antenna feed ports via RF-IC core chip ports all the way to the baseband modem. 
  • Support the PCB manufacturing process flow of the AiP module.

Basic Qualifications:

  • BSEE required (MSEE and PhD in EE preferred) with Antennas and RF microwave/mm-wave engineering focus.
  • 5+ years of research and/or industry experience in Antennas and RF microwave/ millimeter-wave circuit design.
  • Significant experience with antennas, antenna arrays and RF IC systems.
  • Significant experience designing with both EM full-wave and RF design tools such as HFSS and ADS.
  • Extensive experience with PCB layout tools such as Altium Designer.
  • In-depth understanding of EM fundamentals and design at mm-wave frequencies.
  • Experience in standard RF design techniques and EM simulation.
  • Experience in wireless system design and architecture, system integration, and RF system analysis.
  • Thorough understanding of RF passive components.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector signal generator, network analyzers.
  • Experience in Matlab, Python, C++ or equivalent tools for modeling and analyzing RF systems
  • Working experience with PCB and SMD assembly manufacturing processes.

To apply, send your resume to bedri.cetiner@i5technologies.com




What has i5 invented? i5 has invented an MRA technology of which working principle was inspired from that of chameleon. A parasitic surface of which geometry can dynamically be changed which is place din the near field of a driven antenna, enables changing antenna properties (frequency, polarization, radiation pattern) in response to the changes in the wireless channel. Click here for more details.