i5tech2Our team is exclusively comprised of experienced engineers who are focused on developing the future antenna technologies over a decade. With its patented device and system designs, advanced integrated manufacturing technologies, and intelligent control algorithms, i5 Technologies provides the know-how in the design, manufacturing, and control of the revolutionary antenna technology.


poster_web1i5 Technologies, Inc. is commercializing groundbreaking, patented hardware and software based antenna technology that makes wireless networks higher performing, more efficient, and easier to use.



poster_web2aWe're building solutions designed to radically improve end user device performance while providing carriers, GSM Operators, and ISPs with increased data revenue opportunities.



signalstrengthi5 Technologies, Inc. aims at revolutionizing the antenna technology to a new level with ease of integration, applicable to any type of wireless ecosystem, highly agile and adaptive against the system variation, small-form factor, high-gain and high efficiency at all desired bands.



Located in Logan, UT, i5 Technologies, Inc. is a world-class reconfigurable antenna solutions provider for all segments of 5G and beyond.




What has i5 invented? i5 has invented an MRA technology of which working principle was inspired from that of chameleon. A parasitic surface of which geometry can dynamically be changed which is place din the near field of a driven antenna, enables changing antenna properties (frequency, polarization, radiation pattern) in response to the changes in the wireless channel. Click here for more details.